Data Format

Sorted data results must be provided as spike rasters in a text (or .csv) file with comma separated fields as follows (order of unit or spike times are not important):

  • spike time (seconds)
  • unit id (unique value, order not important)
  • max channel (of each spike or for entire unit; NB: First channel = 1 (not 0))
  • ...
    237.60675, 55, 25
    0.23565, 3, 2
    42.2995, 136, 10

    A sample file (july_1_3A_test.csv) shows the 3-column format required to process your sort.

    Sorted rasters must be uploaded in the corresponding field below and a randomly generated filename will be provided which can retrieve your sorting results for up to 30-days.

    Please contact us for assistance with generating raster files or see our code page for scripts.

    Fully Biophysical - Rat S1
    Mitelut C., Gratiy S., Anastassiou C. et al. (Allen Institute, Seattle, WA)

    silico_0 silico_1

    june_28_3A june_28_3B june_28_3C

    june_29_3A june_29_3B june_29_3C

    july_1_3A july_1_3B july_1_3C

    july_2_3A july_2_3B july_2_3C